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Brad & Rebekah first met and began singing together while students at North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They got married in 2006, and two years later, God opened the door for them to start touring full-time together. After welcoming two kids, they moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2014 and currently spend half the year ministering with Christ’s Church of the Valley and the other half of the year traveling and producing music. No matter the season or the joys or challenges they face, the two never lose sight of their mission. As Rebekah says, “Everything we ever do is meant to bring people back to Christ.”


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Attend GO 2023 Friday and Saturday in-person for the low price of $79. (Contact us for discounted group pricing.)

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High School and college (undergrad and graduate) students get to attend for the discounted price of $49.


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Join host Josh Toth and his distinguished guests as we dive into discussions around science, theology, philosophy, apologetics, and more. Come, join us on the journey of Digging Deeper!

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